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March 12, 2007



I rarely see this kind of lighting in photographs of people, this is an exceptional portrait. I'm an artist and it's been drilled into my head to improve photographs when using them to illustrate someone's face. We enlarge the pupils and give them the darkest dark (100% black), add the brightest bright (0% white) to the reflection in the eyes, ensure a steady core unites the features (the deep shadow that falls down the right of the child) and add that beautiful reflected light to set off the highlights. Then in places within the image we purposely blend in parts of the image so that the background fades into the center of interest. My point is that your shot is so perfect if I were to illustrate it I'd need to change nothing.


I recently bought an "Olympus camedia E-20n professional".... I do alot of surfing photos & it's been hit & miss on what pics turn out great & which ones don't. I have been a huge fan of photography for the past 20 years , but, I have never really admitted to the fact that I know "very little" about the technical settings ; I have basically relied on instinct & lucky guesses !
This is my 1st adventure into the "digital SLR" era, I have always been a canon AE1 guy , but I really like the advantage of the digital giving you the opportunity to view as you shoot ( instead of the old " cross your fingers at walgreens" hoping to get 3 good pictures out of a 24 exposure roll ! )
Do you have any advice for a newbie to the digital SLR world? I am mostly concerned with the "fast-paced" world of shooting surfing photos , still photos I can take 3 or 4 shots , but you only get one chance at a manuever being executed on a wave.

sorry about the dumb questions , but would really love a little guidence !

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