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August 29, 2008


SLR Camera for Beginners

No doubt about it - the D90 is a great digital SLR camera that is sure to please - especially if you are shooting in low-light conditions.

Digital SLR Cameras

This is one of the most amazing cameras I've ever seen, all the features that come included with it make them the perfect choice for every one.

I have a Canon one, but I think that I rushed into it when bought it, now I'd like to have a Nikon D90

360 degree animation

SLR cameras provide a beautiful effect especially in the marketing of products. The focus on the main subject and the blur in the background appeals a lot to customers. With my digital PackshotCreator SLR, I can easily create amazing product photos.

digital slr camera

Whats the best lens you've tried with D90 digital slr camera ?

the best dslr camera

I don't know about others but i feel d90 is the best DSLR camera when considering cost and features

Electronics Philippines

Yes! Most cameras have limitations and don't excel at all types of photography and this Nikon D90 was so cool.


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